Road Safety Procedures

With narrow streets and poor visibility, road safety is critical to keeping our children safe.

  • Drop-off and pick-up areas are only for doing that – if you need to get out of your car or access your boot then please park elsewhere.
  • At Weld Street, please adopt the “Kiss and Drop” approach.
  • Please respect the yellow lines – these are strictly no drop-off / no pick-up / no stopping / no parking areas.
  • Road Patrols operate at Rose Street from 8.30-8.50 am and 3.00-3.15 pm.
  • Please respect and support our road patrollers. Road patrollers are trained by the Police and accordingly operte with legal backing and are empowered by law to stop vehicles.
  • Purakau Avenue is not a public road, it is a private driveway. It is a pedestrian right-of-way only.