Wadestown School Board – Te Poari Kaitiaki

Our Board Members for 2024

Tania Williams
Michelle Crutchley
Madeleine Setchell
Blair MacDonald
Nick Wells (Presiding Member)
Richard Nacey
Genevieve Hancock
Amanda Frater (Principal)
Robyn Grover (Staff Trustee)

Attending a Board Meeting

Anyone can attend to observe a meeting; however, a board meeting is not a public meeting. This means that members of the public don’t have automatic speaking rights. If the board needs to discuss publicly excluded business (for example to protect a person’s privacy) members of the public are asked to leave this part of the meeting.

Contacting the Board

Members of the school community are always welcome to contact the Board. The easiest way is through the school office. Correspondence to the Board should be addressed to the Presiding Member. However, please note that issues of concern relating to specific children or school staff should always be raised in the first instance with those most directly involved, and with school management.

Board Meetings for 2024

Our Board meetings for 2024 are held in the Rose Street Staff Room generally at 6:30pm. Please check our school calendar for any date/time changes.

  • Wednesday 15 May
  • Wednesday 12 June
  • Wednesday 7 August
  • Wednesday 4 September
  • Wednesday 30 October
  • Wednesday 4 December

As required, these meetings can be held online.   When shifted online, the meeting link will be made available.  Board meetings are held in public, and anyone is able to attend. Copies of Board Minutes can be obtained from the school office or shared digitally.

Board Minutes

WS Board Meeting Minutes 19 February 2024


WS Board Meeting Minutes 29 November 2023

Board Approved Minutes 24 October 2023

Board Approved Minutes 31 August 2023

Board Approved Minutes 2 August 2023

Board Approved Minutes 21 June 2023

Board Approved Minutes 10 May 2023

Board Approved Minutes 5 April 2023

Board Approved Minutes 27 February 2023

Board Approved Minutes 7 December 2022

Board Approved Minutes 2 November 2022

Board Approved Minutes 29 September 2022

Board Approved Minutes 9 August 2022

Board Approved Minutes 21 June 2022

Board Approved Minutes 18 May 2022

If you would like earlier copies of the Board minutes please let the office know.

Board Newsletters

News from the Board March 2024.

News from the Board – November 2023

News from the Board June 2023

News from the Board March 2023

News from the Board – December 2022

If you would like earlier copies of the News from the Board please let the office know.