Board of Trustees

Our Board Members for 2022

Tania Williams
Michelle Crutchley
Madeleine Setchell
Anya Zohrab
Genevieve Hancock
Nadine Gray
Amanda Frater (Principal)
Robyn Grover (Staff Trustee)
Megan Smith (Minute Taker)

Election Results

Wadestown School – Final Result 2022

The Role of the Board

The following material is taken from the Ministry of Education document “Working in Partnership”: “Boards of trustees are responsible for the governance of schools. The role of a trustee is to ensure that the school is run in the best interests of the students and community.”

Contacting the Board

Members of the school community are always welcome to contact the Board. The easiest way is through the school office. Correspondence to the Board should be addressed to the Chair. However, please note that issues of concern relating to specific children or school staff should always be raised in the first instance with those most directly involved, and with school management.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the 3rd and 9th Wednesday of every term.  The meetings held in the Rose Street Staff Room at 7:00 pm. As required, these meetings will be held online.   When shifted online, the meeting link will be made available.  Board meetings are held in public, and anyone is able to attend. Copies of Board Minutes can be obtained from the school office or shared digitally.