Parent Teacher Association

The Wadestown School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a parent driven organisation with charitable status. By having a child at Wadestown School you automatically become a member.

PTA’s Role
The PTA’s roles are:
*  Helping the school to function as a community
*  Being an important link between the parents and the school
*  Organising fun social events
*  Fundraising for special projects
*  Helping to host special occasions
*  Organising assistance from parents for specific activities and rosters

PTA bank account number
For all payments to the PTA
12   3140   0348889   00

What does the PTA do
*  Arrange the classroom coordinators who provide a link between parents
*  Organise the school’s yearbook or Year 8 Leaver’s book
*  Assist with organising the school’s working bee
*  Provide afternoon and morning teas for the teachers at parent/teacher interviews and for the new parent information morning
*  Arrange school events like the annual Spellathon or Mathathon
*  Organise fun social events like the Beer Festival
*  Organise School Fundraisers. For example: children’s art calendars or tea towels

PTA meetings are held approximately twice a term, usually in the evenings and our aim is for them to last no longer than 1 hour. Meeting time and venue is listed in the school calendar and school newsletters.

Meetings are open to everyone and your input is always welcome.  They are a great opportunity to hear what is happening at school and to meet other parents. If you come to meetings it doesn’t mean you will be given a job.

There is a small committee which consists of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Classroom Coordinator organiser.

Classroom Co-ordinators’ Role
*  Welcome new families to the school
*  Provide a source of general information about school (e.g.  parking at both sites)
*  Organise events for parents and/or families to meet and catch-up

Current Class Co-ordinators:

Years 0-2 (Rooms 0, 1 and 3 at Weld St) Anna Hewitt and Jess Kerr
Years 3-4 (Rooms 9, 11 & 12) Heidi Louden and Kris Mayo
Years 5-6 (Rooms 4, 5, 6 & 7) Amanda Broatch and Karen Batt
Years 7-8 (Rooms 13, 14 & 17) Jo Oliver and Robyn Henderson

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