Funding – Pūtea

Ministry of Education The government, through the Ministry of Education, provides funding for the majority of the school’s operations and maintenance. The operations grant is intended to pay for all basic operations and maintenance costs incurred in running the school, including most support staff salaries. The Ministry provides funds for almost all teaching staff.

The Board of Trustees raises further finances through fundraising, and parent volunteer donations to provide for additional staff and other special projects. Most capital building development work is funded by the Ministry on a project-by-project basis determined by the Board of Trustees within the funding limits of the Ministry.

Community Raised Funds / Student Costs A voluntary school donation of $325.00 per child per annum is much appreciated. This funding is used for a variety of purposes including: extra teachers to reduce class sizes, supporting the Reading Recovery Programme, and purchasing computer technology throughout the school.

Wadestown School runs a monthly statement system where the parents receive an email each month, with a statement of costs for each of their children.

PTA Fundraising Fundraising from the wider community is targeted for specific school projects. Currently the emphasis is on external environmental development, outdoor spaces and redevelopment of the playgrounds at both sites.