Welcome to enrolling at Wadestown School

This is a provisional enrolment form based on the following information being provided to us:

  • A copy of the eligibility document for your child.  This can be either:
    •      NZ birth certificate or NZ passport (if NZ citizen)
    •      Australian passport (if Australian citizen) or
    •      NZ residency permit or NZ student visa/permit and Parental work permit  (if the child is not a NZ citizen).
  • Proof of your address (if in zone e.g., utilities bill, rental/sales agreement).
  • Immunisation certificate
  • A copy of any Court Order Documents (if applicable)

Wadestown School Enrolment Zone

Wadestown School has an enrolment zone. For more information click here.

Wadestown School Enrolment ZoneWadestown Enrolment Form

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Student Legal Name
Student Preferred Names if other than Legal Name:
Gender (as per ENROL requirements)
Student Ethnicity
If you have classified your child as Maori can you please write down any Iwi affiliations.
Student New Zealand Citizen/Residency:
Please supply evidence by: Birth Certificate or Passport. These must be sighted by the office staff for legal purposes.
ECE attendance (Early Childhood Education)
Did your child attend Early Childhood Education regularly?
ECE type (Early Childhood Education)
What type of Early Childhood Education did your child receive?
ECE Years Attended (Early Childhood Education)
How many months/years did your child attend an Early Childhood Education service?
How hours per week did your child attend an Early Childhood Education service?
Please note the name of the preschool last attended by your child.
Please enter the name and address of your previous school.
Please state when your child will start at Wadestown School.
Are there any health issues we should be aware of? Allergies? Medication? Asthma? Speech? Serious problems?
Please supply a current immunisation certificate.
Do you consent to your child's vision and hearing being tested.
Custody and Court Orders
(If Applicable) Has a Court Order been issued?
(If Applicable). Give any relevant information.
Please list contact details for who the report needs to be sent to.
(If Applicable) Does your child require English language support or have any major learning or behaviour needs that we should be aware of? Please give details
(If Applicable) Is your child receiving or in need of receiving and specialist services and resources from any agencies? Please give details
First Caregiver Name
Second Caregiver Name
First Emergency Contact Name
Second Emergency Contact Name
(If Applicable) Please include preschool siblings full names and dates of birth.
Please indicate below if there is any family history of dyslexia or reading difficulties. This is not a label but may help us to identify any issues more quickly
Privacy Statement
The information collected will be used by the school for enrolment and forms an essential part of the information held by the school on your child. The records made from this information may be viewed on request at the school. The information collected may be disclosed to appropriate education, health and welfare authorities and for data-gathering purposes by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act. It will not be disclosed to any other person or agency unless such disclosure is authorised or required by law.
Parent Approvals
I agree that the school will take action on my behalf in case of sudden illness or injury, to abide by the school's policies, that my child’s work and image may be used in accordance with the school’s online publishing policy/procedures and that the school may forward my child’s name and address to a potential intermediate or secondary school.