Civil Defence Emergency – Ohotata

Civil Defence Emergency Planning for Wadestown School

Emergencies can happen at any time. Wadestown School is prepared and has a plan in place to respond to emergencies to minimise the effect of a major disaster to all students, staff and other personnel on site.

Our school plan was developed in collaboration with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) and SchoolDocs and it is regularly updated.

In any Civil Defence Emergency, the school will provide information and updates:

  • advising the situation (e.g. school closed due to snow)
  • what we are doing (e.g. supervising your child until picked up by a nominated person)
  •  what you need to do (e.g. arrange the immediate collection of your child).

This information will be available through:

  • Email: a short email will be sent to the email address in your child’s contact
  • Please do not ring the school office in an emergency as it will clog up the telephone lines.

Family Reunification Plan

Through our Student Management System (SMS) we compile a list of authorised caregivers who are allowed to collect children.  This list is updated annually at the start of the year.  We send regular reminders in our school newsletters throughout the year to notify the school if any details may have changed.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you change/update your mobile number, email address and/or street address.

Please complete this form to update your emergency contact details or to add an additional email address (eg workplace). Please note that the additional  email address will also receive all school communication and not just emergency communications.

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Student Name
Parent Name
Emergency Contact 1 to be added
Emergency Contact 2 to be added

Paper copies of the forms are kept in a labelled folder in the school office which is taken with us when we evacuate the school.  

Authorised caregivers

Please ensure the people on your list are aware of the expectation to pick up your children during an emergency, if it is likely that you will be unable to, or are delayed.

Authorised caregivers will be directed to the assembly points for collection from teachers of children. Our assembly points are the bottom fields at both sites.

It is important when selecting your emergency contact people that they are not also responsible for several other families should a major disaster occur. 

It is the parents’ responsibility to notify the school of any changes to your mobile phone/land line number, email address, street address or emergency contacts as soon as possible.   

How we communicate during an emergency

During any kind of emergency at our school, or affecting the Wadestown area, we will keep parents informed of what is happening via email.  If you receive an email message from the school that we have implemented the family reunification process, this means that we will only release students in a controlled situation to people who have been authorised to collect their children. 

The emergency contact person will be directed to the designated assembly point where their name will be checked by the teacher.  Their name, the time and where they are going is recorded beside the student’s name.  Teachers will also ask you to sign this record. 

Our designated assembly areas are the bottom fields on both sites.

Please go to SchoolDocs for more information.