Mov’in March

March has been an active month at Wadestown with the students taking part in the Wellington Regional Council’s Mov’in March celebrations.  The children have been encouraged to actively travel to school by walking, cycling or scooting, in order to get another stamp on their passports.

A student receiving her 'Mov'in March' stamp.
A student receiving her ‘Mov’in March’ stamp.

Quote take from the writing of a Year 3 student:

‘Mov’in March is a card with ten numbers on it.  It is a competition. You can bike, scoot or walk and when you get to school you get your card stamped. Mov’in March gets us out of the car and into the fresh air. It gives us muscles and it makes us fit and healthy.

Keeping healthy by walking and scooting!
Keeping healthy by walking and scooting!