Cross Country

On the sunny afternoon of Thursday the 1st of June, the students of Wadestown ran the cross country. The students had been practising the course for the last month, and put a mighty amount of effort into the main event. There was plenty of support from teachers, parents, family members and friends to cheer the students on as they ran to the finish line. Well done to all who participated on the day, and a special congratulations to those students that made it through to the Western Zone and Interzone competitions.

Students running on the Wadestown course.
Students at the Western Zone Cross Country with Mrs Barrett.


Book Week

From the 22nd to the 26th of May both sites at Wadestown School celebrated their yearly book week.  This consisted of competitions, shared reading, visiting authors, literacy quizzes and the book fair. The ever popular book parade also took place at the end of the week, and was enjoyed by students and teachers alike!

Red Riding Hood leading the book character parade.
Red Riding Hood leading the book character parade.
Mr Wally and Mrs Tomato selecting a prize winner.
Mr Wally and Mrs Tomato selecting a prize winner.

Writing from Year 7 students:

‘It was very fun and there were lots of creative costumes. Mr Piper dressed up as Wally from ‘Where’s Wally?’ and the Yr 7\8 teachers were all dressed as characters from ‘The Lord of the Rings’.’

‘On Wednesday, author Bianca Begovich came to our school. She has written many children’s books about the environment, and talked to us about how to write successfully. She said you should always write about the things you love and are passionate about.’

Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Thing 1 and Thing 2.


Keeping Ourselves Safe

Last week the students at Wadestown School were visited by Constable Duncan Ashton for the introductory session of the New Zealand Police programme Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS). KOS is a school-based personal safety programme that provides children and young people with skills to cope with situations that might involve abuse.

Constable Duncan read  a story “Lost” to Room 1 and Room 2.  He talked with the children about how they could handle a situation if they ever found themselves lost. Constable Duncan said that when he visits  again in week 4, he will bring his Police car to show us!

Constable Duncan
A student wearing Constable Duncan’s police hat!
Room 1 and 2 students listening to the story 'Lost'.
Room 1 and 2 students listening to the story ‘Lost’.

Year 7/8 Camp to Green Pastures

Our Year 7-8 camp held at Green Pastures near Wanganui last week followed the success of the Year 5-6 camp held two weeks earlier. It was a wonderful week of new experiences and activities for our Year 7-8 students and a special thank you to all the volunteer parents who assisted our teachers Nick Julian, Nicki Greer and Hayden Trass to make this such a memorable week. Our students arrived back at school last Friday tired but exhilarated and full of camp stories they shared both at school and home.

Year 7/8 students enjoying camp at Wanganui.
Year 7/8 students enjoying camp at Wanganui.

Writing of a Year 8 student:

‘I tried to wrench my leg out of the cold, thick, viscous mud. Using any plants or roots to hold for support, I climbed out of the mud and sprinted up the slippery bank. Every time I stepped, I could feel sharp stones and sticks pushing into my bare feet. With a couple more meters to go, I slumped to the ground, at the end of the mud run, like a slowly dying zombie and restarted the whole run. Mr Julian had promised that the mud run was going to be some people’s favourite activity at camp – and it was definitely mine! All you could hear through the mud run course was people screaming of laughter and shrieking as they jumped into the freezing, murky water.’

The mighty mud run.
The mighty mud run.


Mov’in March

March has been an active month at Wadestown with the students taking part in the Wellington Regional Council’s Mov’in March celebrations.  The children have been encouraged to actively travel to school by walking, cycling or scooting, in order to get another stamp on their passports.

A student receiving her 'Mov'in March' stamp.
A student receiving her ‘Mov’in March’ stamp.

Quote take from the writing of a Year 3 student:

‘Mov’in March is a card with ten numbers on it.  It is a competition. You can bike, scoot or walk and when you get to school you get your card stamped. Mov’in March gets us out of the car and into the fresh air. It gives us muscles and it makes us fit and healthy.

Keeping healthy by walking and scooting!
Keeping healthy by walking and scooting!


Year 5/6 Camp to Forest Lakes

Last week, while weather bombs dropped around country, 93 lucky students from Rimu Team spread on the sunscreen and basked in the sunshine at Forest Lakes Camp at Otaki.

For four days the students challenged themselves with such activities as horse riding, kayaking, flying fox and mudslide, to name a few.  One of the highlights of the week was a series of water relays that kept everyone soaking and laughing while the eager parents regularly fired water missiles (in case the students were getting too hot).

One evening highlight was the technology challenge where the children had to design and make a costume for a princess or a superhero out of newspaper and sellotape.  The catwalk by our models was received with deafening hoots and cheers  –  a fun and creative enterprise.

Sixteen hard working parents supported the children to achieve the activities, manned the kitchen to deliver delicious meals, and joined in with the fun wherever they could.

Back in class this week we have been reflecting on the camp and everyone seems to have a different highlight and happy memory, so once again the teachers are reminded that the planning and effort is well worthwhile.

Horse riding at Forest Lakes
Horse riding at Forest Lakes.
Year 5/6 students enjoying a water fight.
Year 5/6 students enjoying a water fight.