Principal: Sally Barrett Adv.Dip.Tch. Cert. of Inclusive Ed.

Deputy Principal Year 1-4: Robyn Grover M.Ed. Dip.Tch.

Deputy Principal Year 5-8: Nick Julian B.Sc(Hons). Dip.Tch.

Weld Street
Room 1 (Year 0 & 1): Amanda Lamble, B.C.A. Dip.Tch. – Team Leader
Room 2 (Year 0 & 1): Gina Smith, Dip.Ed. H.Ed.Dip.
Room 3 (Year 2): Leslie Mahoney, Adv.Dip.Tch.

Rose Street
Room 7 (Year 4): Pip Honore, B.Ed. Dip.Ed. – Team Leader
Room 9 (Year 2):  Caitlin Barnes, Bachelor of Teaching – Primary, Certificate in Catechetical Studies
Room 10 (Year 3): Joy Henderson, B.A. Dip Tch.
Room 11 (Year 3): Sue Savage, B.Ed.(Hons)
Room 15 (Year 4): Talia Davies, B.A. Dip.Tch. CELTA)

Room 4 (Year 5/6): Amy Maddock, B.Ed. Dip.Tch.
Room 5 (Year 5/6): Amber Pullin, B.A. Grad. Dip. Tch.
Room 6 (Year 5/6): Cathrine Wilkinson, B.Ed. Dip.Tch.

Room 13 (Year 7/8): Nick Julian, B.Sc.(Hons) Dip.Tch. – Team Leader
Room 14 (Year 7/8): Clare Hartnett  BA English Literature (Cardiff University),  MA Library and Information Studies (University College London/ UCL), PGCE (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Room 16 (Year 7/8): Nicki Greer, B.Ph.Ed. Postgrad. Dip. Tch.
Room 17 (Year 7/8):  James Shelton BSocSci, Hons Psych, PGCE Primary Education, MPhil IT (On leave: Hayden Trass, B.B.Sc. Dip.Tch.)

Reading Recovery Teacher: Robyn Grover M.Ed. Dip.Tch.

Support Staff:
Office Manager: Lynda Sale
Office Assistant: Fiona Crombie
Librarian: Derek Piper
Teacher Aide: Melissa Schramm
Teacher Aide: Helen Dammer
Caretaker/Groundsman: CrestClean
Rose Street Cleaners: CrestClean
Weld Street Cleaner: Margaret Burwood