Wadestown School

Schoolgen at Wadestown School

Schoolgen Panels

In 2009 Wadestown School became the proud recipient of a set of solar panels, as part of the Genesis Energy Schoolgen project. They are located on the Middle Block roof, above Rooms 11 and 12, which faces north to maximise our electricity generating potential.

Schoolgen Squad 2012

Our Wadestown Schoolgen Lead Team, known as The Solar Squad is a group of positive and enthusiastic students interested in energy efficiency.

Schoolgen Logo

Wadestown School is very proud to be involved in the Schoolgen Project. We have a major focus on the environment and education for sustainability. We promote sustainability initiatives throughout our school and wider community. Here at Wadestown School we recycle plastic, glass and paper. Our fantastic parents take part in an annual Working Bee which includes enhancing the environment through the planting of shrubs and native trees.

We aim to take every opportunity to teach our students the importance of caring for the environment so future generations can continue to enjoy our natural environment.

You can visit http://www.schoolgen.co.nz/ss/schools/wadestown.aspx to find out how much power Wadestown School has been generating.